Monarch Caterpillars in fall

Monarch caterpillar in fall

We haven’t had a freeze yet, so those monarch caterpillars are still chomping down on their milkweed leaves.

Monarch caterpillar in fall 2

But these days they have to share, as the leaves are getting scarcer.



4 thoughts on “Monarch Caterpillars in fall

  1. I’m trying for the second year in a row to cultivate milkweed in my garden. Don’t know what happened to the first plant and bought two more earlier. Wish I had more room! The decline of the butterflies due to loss of wild milkweed is worrisome. Thank you for sharing the great photos!

    • The decline of all insects is worrisome! Thanks for sharing your yard, which is what we squirrels truly believe needs to happen to keep us all living on this planet.

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