One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Despite the rain, our temperatures are still above freezing so we have many hardly bugs out and about.

Mystery # 134

Know what this one is?


We had some close guesses today, in fact a correct guess that this is a member of the mantis family. Specifically, it’s Carolina Mantis, native to North America. You might see them in a variety of colors, form brown to tan to gray to green. This is because the mantis can change it’s color to camouflage with its environment–but not at will. As the young mantis nymph grows and molts, each new skin color will be close to the predominant color in the area at the time. But once they reach adulthood, they are stuck with their last color.

Carolina Mantis on Passion Flower

Above is another view of the native Carolina Mantis, and below is the Chinese Praying Mantis that was imported from China in 1895 to help deal with pest problems.

Chinese Praying mantis

We also had some guesses that this insect was a walking stick, so here is a walking stick for comparison.

Walking Stick

Pretty stream-lined insect. Even his eyes don’t stick out. Hope this helps you sort your garden insects, which are at their largest now that the growing season is at its end.


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