Thirsty Thursday

end of summer rain

Don’t recognize this? Well, how about this?

rain on parking lot

Yes, folks, it rained yesterday! We squirrels were so excited, we actually scampered through the warm puddles–and there were too many! It was like the old, hard, dry ground didn’t recognize what was happening to it, and let the water run off!

runoff in gutter

That’s how dry it is. The plants are suffering, the weaker dying, others dropping leaves early, ’round here leastwise. And for northern Virginia that little bit of rain we had yesterday isn’t going to make much difference. If your area is in the same state and you can, water your plants and set a sprinkler on those street trees and shrubs–they have it the worst for trying to catch rain on the least amount of ground.

rain on Redbud

Thanks from this old squirrel, who uses those trees everyday!


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I’m so blessed to have seen lots of rain in our area. Just three hours away, however, my old home town is suffering drought. Best wishes!

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