One Of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there!

Recognize this one?

Mystery #128

Give me your guesses and I’ll check back later with your answer!


Well, folks, this is one to stay away from. Fly Agaric or Fly Amanita, Amanita mascara, is poisonous. It’s usually red, but different subspecies can be orange or yellow. They always have those crusty white spots. A ‘skirt’ can sometimes be seen on the white stalk.

Here’s an interesting thing about the name: In some areas, the powdered agaric has been used to keep away flies and other insects, including in milk. So some people have eaten the mushroom after has been prepared in a certain way. Also, as you see, some animals can eat it.

Fly Agaric

Large portions of it!

Fly Agaric partially eaten

Remember, these are animals eating this poisonous plant.

We have made this point before on The Squirrel Nutwork: Humans should not eat something an animal eats, or even if the information or folklore of a wild plant includes other cultures eating it. Please do your research before consuming anything in the wild. Better to be safe and just enjoy the pretty looks!


One thought on “One Of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

  1. I have absolutely no idea but it’s adorable. And by the way, my butterfly bush is of the purple variety. ~grin~ I haven’t dead-headed old blooms like I should, though. ~blush~ It’s when I’m in the air conditioning and already showered when I look out at the hot day and remember my remiss.

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