Thirsty Thursday

Well, isn’t this a treat. Here’s a visitor to one of our streams that we squirrels don’t usually see, and the name might tell you why: It’s a Black-crowned Night Heron.

Black-crowned Night Heron

These birds may be one of the most common species of heron, but they usually forage at night–so we diurnal animals don’t see them.

That said, Ol’ Wally here has seen one or two perched in tree branches in the daytime…and carefully backs away. Night herons always roost in groups, and though I hear they would rather eat fish, frogs and water bugs, there is no reason a smart squirrel like myself would test that.


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. You are wise, dear squirrel. ~grin~ What a fantastic photo! I’m fortunate to live near a place called “Crane’s Run” for good reason. There is a bike path that runs for miles but I usually just stroll along and savor the animal sightings. Tracks in the mud showed a plethora of the elusive raccoon population, as well as cranes. And there is plenty of another favorite, the aforementioned moss!

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