One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

This might be one of our trickier mysteries!

Mystery #126

What is this plant that now has its fruit?

Check back with you later for any guesses.


Ms. Flora says I should have told you the berries will turn dark purple–they aren’t far enough along yet. *tail drooping* Sorry.

This member of the Lily family is Indian Cucumber, Medeola virginiana. It is the only member of its family, which is kind of cool.

Indian Cucumber

Lily family members usually have leaves in sets of three or six. But like with Virginia Creeper, the number of leaves on an Indian Cucumber can vary, three to five on the top and between five to nine on the bottom. The Indian Cucumber has leaves in either one or two tiers. Only the plants with two tiers bear flowers and then fruit.

Indian Cucumber flowers

Even we squirrels do not see this plant very often, yet it grows throughout North America east of the Mississippi River. Parts of the Indian Cucumber are edible, but as we always recommend with you humans desiring to collect wild edibles, please consult your human experts. Do not rely on a squirrel’s sense of what to eat!


4 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

    • Ms. Flora wasn’t familiar with tea berry, so looked it up, That plant appears to be evergreen. This one isn’t. But thanks for guessing!

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