Thirsty Thursday

We’ve had some heavy rains here in Northern Virginia. To give you human readers an idea of how our small ponds are taking the runoff from their surrounding neighborhoods, here is a set of before and after photos from one of our favorite ponds.

Before ~ June 17

before the rain


After ~ June 27

After the rain

So much rain fell in a short amount of time, the pond overflow was even flooded.

High water leaving the pond

That water sure is carrying a lot of soil by the time it hits the ponds. Ol’ Wally here hopes the aquatic bugs in there fare okay, tho he’s hard-pressed to see how the stream critters are surviving this. Tight toes, I suppose. Hope we continue to see dragonflies hatching this summer.


One thought on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Amazing photos. I have a path around the house that keeps washing out down the hill. Sigh… The landscapers should have put in more steps instead of a slope. But, at least we’re not having a drought! Best wishes to all the critters.

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