Bee house

Some bees live alone, and little holes are the best!

Native Bee House

Building or installing a bee house is a great way to help pollinators, because we all like flowers.


6 thoughts on “Bee house

  1. Cute! I was delighted to find all sorts of insects in my perennial garden yesterday. They were probably famished after all the torrential downpours keeping them in hideaways. My camera got some good photos of bumblebees, red admiral butterflies, and one question mark. I saw none of the larger butterflies, but I’ll keep an eye on the garden today when possible.

    • Aren’t there more insects than all the other life on earth? Trying to remember where I heard that…and if I have it correct? Anyway, it’s neat to see all the little bugs as we rest on branches.
      Have a great day, Darla!

      • That is my understanding, Nutmeg. On the subject of insects on branches, I’ve seen squirrels at my window feeder with ticks attached and hope you are using precautions. We don’t want any bloodsuckers in your fur. ~grin~ Ticks are one insect I can live without.

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