Bottoms-up with fireflies

Back on June 17 we posted a firefly–daytime view. One of our readers has set us a another view so you can see the parts of the abdomen that light up.

Firefly from side


Firefly abdomen

This last was taken on a window, in case anyone else wants to give it a try. Aren’t his little gripper feet something?

Thanks, Nancy!


2 thoughts on “Bottoms-up with fireflies

  1. I was fortunate to find a firefly on my carpeted cellar staircase before he/she got stepped upon. Perhaps the insect fell from the clothing of the plumber replacing our water heater or one of the guys cleaning up the flooded basement. Sigh… At least I saved a delightful critter in the midst of the chaos. The beetle climbed onto my pen and walked right onto my weeping crabapple tree. Joy!

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