Thirsty Thursday

We’ve had a bit of rain lately…a bit more than normal for June, and a bit more than this old squirrel likes. Especially when the trees start coming down. Somehow I don’t feel like our suburbs can afford that.

So Ol’ Wally here got to watching the rains when they start to fall. I noticed something about different kinds of leaves–just an observation, but one I thought I’d share.

On some leaves the water just spreads, like on these Turtlehead plants…

Purple Turtlehead

…but on some leaves the water sticks to itself.


And sorry, Ol’ Wally cannot remember this plant’s name and Ms. Flora is nowhere to be found. If none of you human readers can come up with it, I’m sure I will eventually.


And per a reader request, here are more views of the mystery plant:






5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Turtlehead? I planted one last year in my woodlandesque garden. The tag called it ‘turtle lips’. Looking forward to its blooms later this summer and fall.

    On the other plant’s identity, give us more information. Is it a shrub, a tree, a perennial, an annual?

    • It’s a native perennial with small white flowers and a seedpod like a milkweed. I’ll have Nutmeg run over and take another photo.
      Ol’ Wally

    • YES! Now that we have your family group named and are looking closer, the plants near us have tiny white flowers. This must be the “Indian Hemp”, Apocynum cannabinum. Thank you very much for responding! Every time we bounded past the plant taunted us!
      Ol’ Wally

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