Great Spangled Fritillary

So after that butterfly yesterday, we figured we best show you one of the real thing.

Great Spangled Frit

The Great Spangled Fritillary is a fairly common visitor in our Virginia neighborhoods.

Because one of our readers asked, we realize we forgot to tell you how you can also have butterflies! *tails drooping* Grow the plants the caterpillars like to eat! These are Zinnias, but Fritillaries are also attracted to Common Milkweed, if you’d prefer to host a native plant.


3 thoughts on “Great Spangled Fritillary

    • It’s on Zinnias, which it really likes, but Common Milkweed is a native plant that’s very attractive to Fritillaries as well. Thanks for asking, Jerry!

  1. Since most milkweed plants are not very pretty in the eyes of the average human gardener, as was wisely pointed out on this blog, butterfly weed is an excellent alternative as a neat little flower. I want to get some more of those on my next garden center visit, in fact. Beautiful photo! My purple coneflowers have been inundated with similar fritillaries. 🙂

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