One Of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Here’s a flower we wonder if you recognize!

Mystery #122

Let us have your guesses in the comments!


Hey, this might be a little harder. This part I showed above is probably overlooked by you humans, but Ms. Flora assures me the little starburst structures are the real flowers of this plant. How about a photo hint? 

Bracts on Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Recognize these ‘flower’ sepals, as Ms. Flora calls them? And backing up farther…

Oak Leaf Hydrangea flowers

Look familiar? How about the leaves?

Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, is a native shrub we’ve shown before because the humans in our neighborhood have planted it. People seem to like it because of the long blooming period. That sets Ms. Flora to laughing. The ‘flowers’, which you now know are the smaller, delicate parts inside the flower head, finish their blooming in short order. You can even see the white dusting of the petals on the leaves below. The stiffer sepals, which are more like a leaf structure, stick around a very long time.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea shrub

If that what it takes to get a native shrub planted, we’ll keep the secret to ourselves. 🙂


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