Yellow Lady’s Slipper

So sometimes we squirrels don’t get to things very quickly, but we’d like to share some photos sent to us by a reader friend: Yellow Lady’s Slippers, Cypripedium calceolus.

Yellow Lady's Slipper

Yes, these orchids are related to the Pink Lady’s Slippers and the Showy Orchis we featured a month ago, and sent by the same great photographer! Aren’t they are beautiful spring flower find!

Yellow Lady's Slipper Close up

While the other lady’s slippers were found in some our our suburban parkland, these grow in the Blue Ridge Mountains west of us. We squirrels aren’t sure if they prefer the higher altitude, or the richer soil. Ms. Flora admits she is unsure why we don’t see them in our woods. Do any of you human readers know the answer to this?


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