Thirsty Thursday

So this is a bit of a mystery to us squirrels, even Ol’ Wally here.

mystery egg

This egg is about the size of one of our squirrel heads. It was found buried–with only a bit showing–in a yard along the Reston National Golf Course. Now our golf course hosts two ponds, and plenty of waterfowl, but this egg wasn’t near the pond, nor were there any ducks or geese nearby. Why?

We don’t have an answer, so Nutmeg nixed allowing Hickory to post it in his Sunday mystery column. Would some of our regular readers like to make their guesses for how if got there before this old squirrel gives his guess?

* We have an update on the egg species: If you were wondering duck, duck or goose…

It’s a goose egg! Nutmeg sent the photo around to one of the Reston Open Space Managers. Hey folks, its the age of technology. Years ago this old squirrel would have run form nest to nest (or old photo-to-old photo) to compare size, shape and color for an number of known waterfowl in the area. Thanks, Claudia!

But reasons why it was buried alone in a garden is still what we’re wondering…

Any guesses are welcome, even wild ones. Heh.


So, no guesses? Hrumph. Guess Hickory is right: you human readers aren’t as adventuresome as squirrels. Here’s our best guess:

A fox who raids a Canada Goose nest risks some nasty bites. But if the fox does snatch an egg, he likes it. A lot. He might have injured the goose enough–or the goose was injured another way–the bird had to abandon the nest. At any rate, we squirrels surmise this fox did what any good squirrel would do. He ate enough eggs to satisfy his belly, then he buried the rest for later.

Unlucky choice of a ‘safe’ spot, though, because this fox’s cache happened to be discovered.

Please feel free to refute or add to our little story…your guess of what happened really is as good as ours.


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