Lowbush Blueberry

berriesLowbush Blueberry

These wild blueberry bushes don’t seem as widespread as they used to be. We ran by a big patch a few weeks ago and spied the flowers.

Lowbush Blueberry Flowers

Hickory thinks it’s time for another trip across the golf course to check, but I say we’ve got a few weeks to go until the berries are ripe. Ms. Flora agrees, but we can’t seem to quiet him. Guess you know what I’ll be doing today. *chitters*


4 thoughts on “Lowbush Blueberry

  1. I wonder what is happening to thin out the species? That concerns me, though the *chitters* at the end made me grin.

    • We aren’t sure, but Ms. Flora says there are a l lot of invasive species in our neighborhood. She thinks the Japanese Honeysuckle and Burning Bush are more aggressive species. They might have overcome the blueberries, slowly enough we didn’t notice.
      Do you have patches of these plants in your neighborhoods?

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