Thirsty Thursday

Ponds are greening up around the area.

Wooded pond

That sunlight Nutmeg was saying hits the ground when no leaves are on the trees also hits the woodland ponds and makes the algae grow. We hear you humans react to this with cries of ick, but it’s good for the tadpoles, and if not tadpoles, the water bugs.

And then the birds come along, like this spotted sandpiper…

Spotted Sandpiper

and the bugs get eaten. Most people think of these as coastal birds, but they are common along creeks and ponds as long as they can find food. See, it’s good those ponds grow algae.


3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. We’ve forgotten so much wisdom from Nature. Thank you for both the lovely photos and the information. I want to go camping around there. 🙂

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