Thirsty Thursday

Just for a bit of fun, this old squirrel thought he’d show you readers a bit of young!

Young Eastern Painted Turtle

This young Eastern Painted Turtle was a runner up for ‘Y’ day in the Blogging A to Z Challenge! These little guys do a mean business eating up insect larvae in the ponds, so leave them be if you see one swimming, or help them out if they aren’t in water.

Not sure if it’s a water or a land turtle? Ol’ Wally learned this trick years ago: Look between their toes! A water critter has webbing. A land animal won’t!


3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. What an awesome image. It’s neat seeing a turtle after my mention of them on the post about bullfrogs. 😉

  2. Nice shot! There were a lot of turtles on the creek in front of the mansion in Mississippi. They would be sitting on the logs in the sun. I did manage to get several photos, but as soon as they saw me, they jumped back in the water.

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