Poison Ivy Announcement!

Just a quick little public service announcement for you human readers! This is Poison Ivy. Don’t touch it!

Poison Ivy 2

It’s a shiny three-leaflet leaf,

Poison Ivy

reddish when they are first emerging,

Poison Ivy root hairs

growing on hairy vines.

Poison Ivy vine

Straight up from the ground, across the ground, up anything vertical.

It’s the oil on all of the plant parts–even the roots–that causes blistering on skin.

Hope this helps someone stay itch-free this summer!


3 thoughts on “Poison Ivy Announcement!

  1. I always remember it in trees because one naturalist told us “hairy scary roots” are poison ivy. But I guess that doesn’t work for ground ivy. Thanks for the warning!!! 🙂

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