Thirsty Thursday

Sometimes we wish for water…and sometimes we get too much! We had a burst of spring thunderstorms move through our section of Virginia yesterday, complete with some spitting hail. Now no animal in his right mind was out in it, including this old squirrel, but we did venture out after it let up. The trees dripped and the air hung heavy with warm moisture. Ms. Flora was disheartened to see some of the yard flowers smashed flat and the blossoms torn off the azaleas which are–were–in full bloom.

azalea after hail

But what really saddened us squirrels were these debris from our trees lining the sidewalks.

hail damage

Know what those little white things are in there?

Wild Cherry tree buds

No, Ol’ Wally won’t make you wait around for the answer. These are the buds of another wild cherry tree–one we call pin cherries–which means for us, we have fewer cherries to eat this summer. Very sad. We think some survived, but will let the trees recover for a day before we go out on limbs to check.


3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Be careful out on those limbs! ~grin~ I regret not being able to grow azaleas, as our soil acidity is too low. I enjoyed the pictures even as I’m sorry for your area’s rain damage.

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