One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

Doesn’t it figure, we took a lazy day off yesterday and had our biggest viewing day for the entire year so far…which really means in all of April, since we only resumed blogging with the A to Z Challenge. Guess that got readers hopping–or catching up from their busy month! Or were we supposed to do some follow-up with the challenge? Hmm, perhaps I better track down Nutmeg today.

In the meantime, here’s a little spring flower mystery. I decided to make it a little easier on you human readers this week..if you can see the tree for the forest!

Mystery #115

Back later to check your guesses!


It is hard to make this out…but I figured you human readers are seeing this native tree at the woods’ edge as you fly by in your cars. Or, just showing off the flowers would be too easy!

Eastern Redbud

See? There is only one tree that has flowers lining the branches: Eastern Redbud, Cercis condenses. And that bright pink is hard to miss.

Eastern Redbud flowers

Each flower is tiny, but the masses of them do catch your attention. They look a bit like a pea flower, don’t they? That means it’s farther in for a bee to get to the nectar, so this early bloomer attracts some of the larger bees, with a longer proboscis, like those pesky carpenter bees.

Spring blossoms

But braving the bees must be worth it to have these trees around! Many humans plant them, so much so we think humans have forgotten these smaller tress do grow in the wild under the canopy of our taller species like Oak and Hickory.

Eastern Redbud Understory tree

Hope you’re having a great spring!


6 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. I thought it was a redbud, but did not know that they flowered straight out of the bark! Fascinating. I have one that is stunted but still flowering. Thanks for the information.

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