Wild Bleeding Heart

Time to stop and smell the…

Wild Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Hearts!

One of Ms. Flora’s favorite native spring beauties! Almost as fancy as some of those human-tweaked flowers, don’t you think? Wild Bleeding Hearts, Dicentra eximia, blooms now, along with a relative, Dutchman’s Breeches, which has the same hanging flower cluster, but are more pointy and white.

After a solid month of posts with the Blogging A to Z Challenge–Thanks A to Z Hosts!–we squirrels won’t be posting every day. But we hope our human readers will return when we do! Have a great spring while it’s still cooler out!


4 thoughts on “Wild Bleeding Heart

  1. That’s such a pretty plant, and a sign of spring for sure. We don’t have them wild here; we have to buy them to have them in our yards. We do have Dutchman’s breeches tho, another first gem of the sprig. I’ll be around to see what y’all are up to next. Enjoy spring!

    • Doesn’t it seem like the more delicate wildflowers are harder to find? Even for us squirrels! Ms. Flora disappears of what the woods is coming to!

  2. I honestly didn’t know this flower grew wild in the US. Cool! My purchased perennials faded to nothing after many years, so I should buy some new. Oh, so many flowers and so little room. ~grin~ Thanks for sharing.

    • Ah, Ms. Flora urges you to look in to natives for your area. They are becoming more popular, and if you match the place to the plant you should have success. Best wishes for your flowers!

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