Y is for Yellowlegs…on Thirsty Wednesday?

Hello folks,

This old squirrel took a gander at how the letters were falling at the end of this alphabet challenge and asked Nutmeg to switch my water column to ‘Y’ day. It sure has made my blogging life easier. We don’t often post wildlife that isn’t right in our backyard, but Ol’ Wally…well, er, one of our reader friends found just the  Y animal to share.

Greater Yellowlegs

This here, folks, is a Greater Yellowlegs. He is pretty much a marsh dweller and our friend spotted him at Huntley Meadows Park, a freshwater wetland right here in northern Virginia. We don’t have too many big watering holes left in our burgeoning suburbia, so many birds–and humans–take advantage of the beautiful park.

As a woodlands squirrel, I’ve not seen too many shorebirds, but I’m guessing this Yellowlegs was just passing through. He is easily identified by the yellow legs, and our friend knew he was the ‘Greater’ not the ‘Lesser’ Yellowlegs because of the upturned bill. He uses that bill to poke down through the mud to pick out insects to eat. See how at home he looks wading along?

I tell you, that is not something a squirrel would choose to do. We get our bugs by digging in the dry dirt!


4 thoughts on “Y is for Yellowlegs…on Thirsty Wednesday?

  1. Nice bird! This brings to mind a question. How do squirrels shelter during rainstorms? I presume it’s under leaves but it’s odd that I’ve never seen a wet squirrel despite my area’s typically frequent rains. I guess staying dry is one of a squirrel’s many talents. ~grin~ I’m so glad to have found this delightful blog. My topic is a flower at http://darlamsands.blogspot.com/ for the letter Y. Today I am number 1179 on the list, so it looks like lots of participants continue dropping off, unfortunately.

    • Hi Darla, Good question! Ground squirrels retreat for shelter in their burrows. But your hosts here at The Squirrel Nutwork are all tree squirrels, Eastern Gray Squirrels. We squirrel away in our leaf nests, tree hollows or, for those lucky enough, in human-made nesting boxes. There are always places in the woods that do not get wet: right up against a tree trunk, in hollow logs, in an abandoned burrow, under the ledge of a rock.
      Thank you for your concern!
      Ol’ Wally

    • Thanks for leaping by, Su-sieee! Talking like a squirrel is pretty much natural for Ol’ Wally after all these years. We bet those birds are other shorebirds, not the taller yellowlegs.
      Ol’ Wally

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