U is for Unusual Squirrel

We just can’t let a Blogging A to Z Challenge April slip by without featuring one squirrel post in the month. A real squirrel that is!

Unusual White Squirrel

This Eastern Gray Squirrel lives here in northern Virginia’s suburbs, but as you can easily see, he has unusual fur…white. That doesn’t make him albino because his eyes aren’t white, but a blue color. This fellow is at a bit of a disadvantage because his fur doesn’t camouflage with tree trunks. It’s definitely easier for a squirrel with a gray or brownish coat to hide from predators like hawks that would like to carry us off.

But on the other hand, you humans tend to be quite taken with white squirrels, so they find it easier to get handouts! Some people study these unusual cousins of ours, so it you’d like to read more, or contribute your sightings of white squirrels, leap on over to this Wild Classroom page.  Lots of fun reading and even a movie!


6 thoughts on “U is for Unusual Squirrel

  1. I will surely have to visit that site and share my lucky sighting. As for eye color, I read somewhere that albinos have either red eyes or blue. Maybe that’s wrong, though. One cannot believe everything one reads. ~grin~ Thank you for sharing~ You can find me at http://darlamsands.blogspot.com/, which is number 1209 on the A to Z list today.

    • True, Darla. We were told about the blue eyes by our human reader-friend who sent the photo, but admit even we gray squirrels aren’t familiar with those scientific details. Thanks for leaping by!

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