T is for Toad on Thirsty Thursday

Pretty good day for this old squirrel for matching the Blogging A to Z Challenge letter and Ol’ Wally’s regular water column. All amphibians have a ‘double life’, including the American Toad who starts his life as a tadpole in the water.

American Toad

Though they don’t continue to live in water, toads–which you can tell apart from frogs because of their bumpy skin–continue to live in damp areas. Their skin is kind of fragile, especially if you compare it to something like a squirrel’s nice fur coat. We are rough and ready!

Some folks in these parts like to encourage toads to stay in their gardens. They leave drifts of leaves in the corners so the toads can hide during the heat of the day, then come out at night to eat those pesky slugs. Ms. Flora tells me some of the neater humans remove all their leaves, so if you’re one of those, may I recommend some other shelter? Maybe one of these fancy houses?

Toad House

I can’t guarantee it works as well as damp leaves, but anything is worth a try to keep the slug population in check!


7 thoughts on “T is for Toad on Thirsty Thursday

      • I don’t live near any water, so no toads or frogs are right here. I can go half a mile to the creek that runs thru town, and also to a protected wetlands near here, and see lots of toads, frogs, (and frog eggs soon,) and also hear the frogs croaking at night. Up in the mountains 5 miles away, I have stopped on back roads to get big toads and also turtles off the road (safely, of course.) Since’s it’s not a constantly damp area right here, I also don’t see many slugs.

  1. i love that your posts sound like a fond old show, maybe you’ve heard of it… The Wonderful World of Disney? Seriously! You introduced us to this cute and helpful idea in a very wonderful way!
    happy t day!

    • Aw, thank you, Tara. That’s a compliment indeed! We have heard of it. Ms. Flora used to watch it as a kit, and *hrumph* I may have seen a episode or two. (Ol’ Wally here never admits to such sentimental stuff.) There is internet and other nature shows for the rest of these young’uns blogging with us, but that was a special one.
      Ol’ Wally

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