R is for Red-headed Woodpecker

We squirrels have some competition here! Can you believe it, the Red-headed Woodpecker also eats acorns?

Red Headed Woodpecker

We don’t have too many of them left in our area–which is sad–so we guess it’s not too much of a problem. Their habitat is disappearing, but this one was spotted in northern Virginia, and clearly you human readers will know this bird if you see it. Besides eating acorns and beechnuts, the Red-headed is unusual among woodpeckers because they catch insects on the wing–while flying.

We have another photo to share with our human readers that was shared with us by our longtime reader Nancy. It’s not exactly a ‘R’ thing…unless you categorize it under Really-cool.


Nancy took this photo during the lightning storm last night that moved across northern Virginia and Maryland.


3 thoughts on “R is for Red-headed Woodpecker

  1. Wow, both really great pictures. To be able to capture lightning like that is amazing. We had those nasty storms up here in SC PA, with tornado warnings. Everybody scrambles when they use that ugly T word.

  2. I adore woodpeckers, though I’m sorry they can provide competition to squirrels. ~grin~ We have red-headed, red-bellied, hairy, down, and even some pileated woodpeckers in our area. Awesome lightning photo! Oh, and I’m number 1237 on the A to Z blog list today.

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