One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

It’s our Sunday off for good behavior on the Blogging A to Z Challenge and I’m your host Hickory squirrel, here with a nature mystery for our readers to solve.

So what do you think these little, um…things are?

Mystery #113

Check back with you later for your guesses!


This was a hard one, folks! Here’s a hint.


The leaf is unfurling…

Mayapple 2

…and more unfurled…


It’s a mayapple! Mayapple, Podophyllum peltatum, is a native spring wildflower making it’s appearance right now…thus the still wrapped leaves appearing in the woodlands. If the plant is mature and has two leaves, we squirrels love scampering under them and looking for their flowers. Buds form only if there are two leaves!


And if pollinated–they usually are because the bees are desperate this time of year–a mayapple grows!

Mayapple fruit

Pretty cool, huh? But keep in mind, this is NOT the kind of apple you human readers can eat. In fact, they are poisonous, and only eaten by some animals when exactly ripe.

Heh, and that’s something that’s a bit hard to determine…so don’t try it.


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