M is for Moss

MossIt’s soft, comes in a variety of textures and sure feels good on our paws. And best of all, it keeps the dirt from getting under our claws. We can’t think of anything nicer!


5 thoughts on “M is for Moss

    • Huh, Ms. Flora would have thought with all that humidity, you’d have ground moss. Perhaps it’s the sandy soil? We have good ol’ clay here, making the ground damp most of the time. So soil drainage might be another reason why. just guessing here! Thanks for leaping by, Lisa, and for all your effort putting together the Challenge!

  1. Moss is amazing stuff. I tried planting Irish moss from a pot. Alas, I didn’t choose the spot wisely. What a pity. Now I’m carefully cultivating a tiny patch of the wild stuff beneath my Harry Lauder’s Walking stick. Best wishes! Oh, and my blog is number 1271 on the A to Z list today.

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