K is for Kit on Motionless Monday

Hey there,

Finding a ‘K’ wildlife statue is harder than I thought. Do you humans realize Katydid and Kingfisher statues might make nice additions to your gardens? I am determined to keep with my regular column theme and the Blogging A to Z Challenge, so finally had to fall back on an old favorite:

Squirrel wildlife statue

Yes, for today, we are saying this is a ‘kit’, what a young squirrel is called when he is still in the nest. You know we had to get squirrels in one day, right? And they are quite cute in real life.

Gray Squirrel kitsThis photo was sent with permission to use it a few years ago by reader Anna. here is our original post with lots of links to more squirrel information.

Enjoy your Monday!


4 thoughts on “K is for Kit on Motionless Monday

  1. Adorable! And well done finding a statue starting with the letter K. I’ll have to look for a kingfisher stature. ~grin~ I thought of this blog today upon seeing our neighborhoods two white squirrels again. I sure hope they brood more.

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