One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

It’s Sunday again and I–Hickory–am your squirrel host for our Sunday mystery photo.

Mystery #112

No hints today, other than these blossoms popped overnight in our suburbs of northern Virginia!

I’ll be back later to check your guesses!


We did have a correct guess today, and another that is a related tree. Thanks for playing with us!

However, now I’m here scratching my furry head. Ms. Flora always calls these trees Wild Cherry, and they are, honest! But when I went to the books to properly identify the particular species, there is no “wild cherry.” I think they may be the Pin Cherry, but I’m gonna have to do my homework on that one…by waiting until the leaves come out to be sure they match. Yes, um, er, ahem. Sorry about not having a positive identification for you all. Got a little excited. The trees are blooming, it’s warm, spring might finally be here to stay…I’m sure you all know the feeling in your furry bellies.

In the meantime, please cast your gazes on the clouds of white lining your roadways and see if the tiny blossoms are five-petaled. These wild cherry trees sprout about anywhere the birds drop their pits. The cherries are single and small, about the size of you human readers call pea-size. And tasty to birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Please do not try then if you are a human reader, we cannot say they are safe for you! Just safe to admire.


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