I is for Iris

If you’re expecting the fancier garden variety of iris, Ms. Flora won’t let us show that any more than the garden-type geraniums.

Crested iris

This low-growing–shorter than your average squirrel–native is Crested Iris, Iris cristata. We don’t see it much, probably because it likes to grow in rich woodlands which unfortunately aren’t in abundance in the suburbs. But what a treat when you do leap across them!


5 thoughts on “I is for Iris

  1. Gorgeous flower. I have a green and black flowering bulb that’s unique and fun. Gardens don’t have to be about the normally expected or traditionally showy to be lovely. ~grin~ You might like to know that we have a mated pair of white squirrels in our quiet little suburb. I’m quite thrilled. Oh, and my blog is number 1300 on the A to Z list. Best wishes!

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