F is for Frogs

Green Frog

We squirrels love frogs. They don’t eat acorns or sunflower seeds, meaning we are not in competition for the same foods in the suburban yards or on the neighboring decks. Birds, on the other hand, Hickory has had words about.

“Many words!” Hickory chitters. “Those juncos have stretched their welcome this year with spring arriving so late.”

Our local Green frog hasn’t made his appearance yet, at least to us. They won’t be mating until things warm up, so maybe they are making a slower emerge this year.

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6 thoughts on “F is for Frogs

    • Thanks, Sarasinart. Our heads hang because we don’t pay a lot of attention to Facebook. It’s enough to hunt down acorns, keep our leaf nests packed tight and run the main blog. I’m sure you have similar daily routines. 🙂

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