D is for Dogwood

Our Virginia state flower isn’t blooming yet, but soon will be.

Flowering Dogwood

The Flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida, is a native tree here in the mid-Atlantic, growing under the taller trees in our mixed woods. We squirrels love seeing that blur of white out there in the woods because it means spring is well on its way and finding food will be much easier in the days ahead.


7 thoughts on “D is for Dogwood

  1. The same signs apply to humans, and we’re very glad to see spring coming too. We can grow some of our own food, and also keep helping out our squirrel friends. (I can’t tweet your posts since you don’t follow me on Twitter. I would………)

  2. lol. Liked your post. I am so happy that spring is hear as well. I particularly like the squirrels 🙂 My dad and ex-partner are squirrel haters. I even call my dad the Squirrel Nazi- he used to have a slingshot and marbles and would hunt them just for fun! I was so happy when the slingshot broke and no one could find a replacement. I enjoy watching then-especially when they are playful and enlist their friends to play along. we can learn a lot from squirrels 🙂

  3. That’s a beautiful flower. It’s wonderful when the first blooms come out in spring. The first crocuses and daffodils are my favourite. I live in Hong Kong and we don’t really get spring, it goes from winter to summer /humid. I miss spring and autumn!

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