B is for Birdbath on Thirsty Thursday

Nutmeg said I ought to do an introduction because we might have some new readers joining us. Thursday is traditionally the day of the week Ol’ Wally, yours truly, talks about water here on The Squirrel Nutwork. Some years on this here A to Z Challenge, it’s a bit hard, but this year this old squirrel got a break: B is for Birdbath.

water dish on a post

Now mind you, it’s not just birds who need water, so place one on a pole and another on the ground to make it easy on us.

Ground water dish

There aren’t many ‘squirrel’ bowls out there, so we’re not very picky over what it looks like. Thanks for helping wildlife!


11 thoughts on “B is for Birdbath on Thirsty Thursday

    • We do, don’t we? *tail twitching* Some of my co-bloggers might say I’m being a tad pompous, but after all these years, this old squirrel tends to speak him mind. Thanks for leaping by, Ellen.
      Ol’ Wally

    • True, many squirrels can make it up onto a larger bath. I probably should have specified that it was more for the smaller critters–salamanders, toads and, as one reader mentioned, hedgehogs. But this old squirrel’s memory isn’t what it used to be. I’m just pleased so many of our human readers are already helping wildlife.
      Ol’ Wally

    • That’s great you’re featuring animals , Liz! Nothing an old squirrel likes better than an old fashioned tribute. Thanks for having out a variety of water basins…for the hedgehogs, huh? That’s a first report here on The Squirrel Nutwork, so you must be from the UK? Glad you could stop by. Ol’ Wally

  1. How kind of you to feed the squirrels as well as the birds. I have to say, the cat pictured on the bowl looks kind of like it just ate a squirrel–and it looks pretty darned happy about it!

    • Yep, those pesky cats can disrupt a squirrel’s day. But Ol’ Wally has learned a trick or two in his long years. Thanks for stopping by, Kern.
      Ol’ Wally

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