Happy Anniversary! ~ and ~ Happy start to the Blogging A to Z Challenge!

It’s The Squirrel Nutwork’s 3rd anniversary with WordPress!

And today starts the Blogging A to Z April Challenge.


We–or rather Nutmeg–started blogging with this event and it seems a shame not to participate again. What is this, you ask? Bloggers sign up to participate. Then beginning April 1st, each posts on a topic with a theme starting with the letter A. The days of the month roll out and so does the alphabet. Now you may have noticed there are more than 26 days in April. The Blogging A to Z Challenge coordinators have solved this by giving us off Sundays for good behavior.

“Except those are the days I blog!” Hickory’s tail twitches.

Yes, my friend Hickory squirrel stepped in to fill those days with our “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve”. There are more details on the Challenge website which is linked above. You can join in for another day, then they close the sign-ups. But the main list is at that link as well, so be sure to visit some our fellow bloggers.

We blog about nature, if you haven’t guessed that already. And so we start, which for us squirrels is always the same:

A is for Acorn!

It can’t be for anything else. For an east coast squirrel, acorns are our favorite thing to find, eat and bury.

White Oak acorns

Acorns, a squirrel can’t live without them!

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! ~ and ~ Happy start to the Blogging A to Z Challenge!

  1. Yum, acorns, or at least that’s what my dog says before promptly throwing up from eating them! I love the A to Z Challenge, because I’m introduced to all these blogs I would never be able to find otherwise!

    • I think you have to have the right kind of stomach for acorns…and all the other foods we squirrels eat. That’s why we have to warn our human readers against following our food advice. Thanks for finding us in the A to Z, legreene515, We love the variety, too!

  2. I’ve read dog blogs and of course (since this is the internet) cat blogs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a squirrel blog! I’m looking forward to hearing your take on the rest of the alphabet!

  3. Great photo! That is the second acorn post I’ve read in A-Z sweet! I have a friend who is known for drawing squirrels. I must introduce you.

  4. I like squirrels and they way the frolic and will do anything to find food. And thans for participating in A to Z!

    • Yes, Stephen, a squirrel’s stomach pretty much rules his behavior, at least from what I’ve seen of my co-blogger Hickory’s decisions. Thanks for dropping in!

  5. This is such a fun idea, I’ve never read a squirrel blog before! They’re such funny little creatures, the way they scamper about and I love the way they eat (acorns or other treats they manage to find!)
    Looking forward to what else the squirrels have in mind for this month!

    • Thanks, Cherdo (love you put your number there!) but we squirrels can’t take credit. These are the yards in the human neighborhood below our leaf nests. We just pick the best of what these front and backyards have to offer to show our readers how nature can still be part of the suburbs. Thanks for stopping by!

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