Welcome to a new year!

The Squirrel Nutwork blog is still closed for the winter, but we thought you might like an update on our activities. Eastern Gray Squirrel in winter

For us squirrels, today is like every other winter day here in Northern Virginia: sunny and cold. The bright light wakes us up, then it’s lots of running around to eat to stay warm. Once again to Hickory’s dismay, we are in competition with the birds at our favorite deck bird feeders.

Birds feeding at bird feeder

There is a line–roughly a line, in bird terms–in the oak tree, and today a pair of Eastern Bluebirds have joined it.

Eastern Bluebird

Tail flicks all around. We may as well collect what falls instead of risking our ears getting pecked.

Hope you humans have a great start to your year!


Drop us a nut to find!

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