Closing Down…again

Dear Readers,

Yes, we are closing the blog today, but before our goodbyes, we have to show a photo shared with us of a black squirrel in Winchester.
Black Eastern Gray Squirrel

Good looking guy, isn’t he?

And closer to home, we’ve had the results of a late nesting:

Eastern Gray SquirrelEastern Gray Squirrel

Aren’t their feet huge!

And now for a few last thoughts. I looked back eleven months ago to see what we’d posted when I closed the blog the first time. It’s very nice and I have to say I still have the same feelings deep in my furry chest. But I won’t repeat them. If you care to, you can go look at November 30th, 2013.

I’m sure you human readers know how life can be. It seems to get harder to collect all the acorns we need for winter. Hickory and I had to decide to close before we ran ourselves ragged, at least for the winter, maybe longer. A squirrel just never knows what winter may bring.

We’ve enjoyed the six months of nice weather with our readers. Thank you for keeping the blog interesting for us with your questions and comments.

On behalf of Hickory, Ol’ Wally, Miz Flora and myself, have a warm and safe winter.




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