Squirrel Nest Boxes

A conversation with a reader on Thursday–in the comments section if you are interested–led to my promising to post a squirrel nest box. Squirrels would prefer to den or nest in a hollow in an old tree. However, there aren’t many of those around in suburban neighborhoods. We make leaf nests instead, but would happily fill a human-made nest box with leaves instead, especially as winter approaches!

Squirrel Nest Box

These boxes are larger than a bird box and it’s easier for us to get in and out of them if the hole is placed next to the tree trunk.

Nest box

And here is one that was well used!

Gray Squirrel kits

You humans could buy a box, or build your own. Here is one link to plans. Thanks for helping out us squirrels!


2 thoughts on “Squirrel Nest Boxes

  1. Well thank you for that information. I had no idea that squirrels would live in a box or that they are available. I have a small forest behind my house and mature trees in my yard, and squirrels are everywhere. But there are no tree holes that I’ve seen and they have to rely on leaf nests. I might just go shopping for a squirrel box or two. There would be fights to decide who gets to move in tho……….

    • Oh, yes, there might be fights. But installing a box (a cavity to squirrels) would certainly make your woods more interesting! Thanks for offering to help us out!

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