Thirsty Thursday

Fall at the pond

It’s getting quiet at the ponds.


6 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. My neighbours and I (in the Austin area) have noticed that suddenly the fox squirrels seem to have disappeared. It is too early for their winter breeding. We did have a heat wave this month and I kind of thought that maybe they were hiding out in the shade. The weather has since returned to normal but the squirrels are still nowhere in sight. Just when the pecans are dropping. Do you have any ideas about where they may have gone or what they are doing?

    • We don’t, Debra, and with pecans to gather the squirrel ought to be there! We squirrels don’t hibernate, nor would temperature ups and downs affect us that much. Miz Flora wonders if there is a spreading illness? Or are any large trees being cut down in your area? Fox Squirrels nest in large hollows or make leaf nests, and the removal of trees–their home and food source–can cause a drop in the population. The squirrels will try to move, but just about every forested habitat already has squirrels living in it and the residents will defend their territory. Sorry, but we’re selfish that way.

      You could help in this last situation by putting up squirrel nest boxes to provide additional homes. We have a photo in the files and will dig it out and post it.

      Also, you might ask a local nature center or wildlife biologist or rescue group if those humans have noticed the decline.

      Thanks for noticing and for caring about wildlife!

      • Darn. I was hoping there might be something obvious we overlooked but thanks for the info. I happen to have a squirrel box already. It is quite a mystery. We don’t have any developments happening at the moment. We even have a wildlife sanctuary running through the middle of this area. Most of us in the neighbourhood appreciate squirrel antics and are avid squirrel watchers/feeders which I suppose accounts for us noticing their absence.

      • Have the human biologists at the sanctuary noted a difference on their land, vs in your neighborhoods? Might be harder to detect–when we have more space to roam we squirrels can be nearly invisible. Sorry, we four at The Squirrel Nutwork aren’t studying ourselves more closely!

      • =) Our sanctuary is run by ordinary people in the neighbourhood as part of a stream enhancement project. I did see one squirrel yesterday so at least I know they haven’t been wiped out.

      • Yay, we’re glad you’re doing this project! Could the Austin Nature Center be of any help. Also, another blog we found through Nature Blog Network is Great Stems, which is based in Austin. Perhaps those local humans would have some insight?

        Good luck, and please write back and let us know what you learn!

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