Hickory is twitching his tail something fierce! A hawk flew into one of his favorite feeding stations and had an accident. He flew into the human’s window.


While we sat frozen behind other leaves, the hawk wavered. Then he flopped to a branch.

“What’s he doing?” Hickory hissed.

Sitting, I guess. It’s a Cooper’s Hawk, not very old, this year’s hatch.

“But that’s my branch!”

Do you really want to go over and tell him that?

Hickory started to chitter and stopped when the hawk turned our way. “No. Let’s go.” But before we could, the hawk raised his wings and flew off…and seconds later Hickory let loose with his chittering. I ran off to hide. No way was I going to attract a hawk, even a young one.


Drop us a nut to find!

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