Silver Spotted Skipper–Relaxed

Back a month ago we showed you human readers a Silver Spotted Skipper. He looked like this on his flower, with the very identifiable silver spot on the outside of his wings.

Silver Spotted Skipper

Hickory found another skipper, which we thought–

“You thought!”

Fine, I thought it was a different insect. It was mostly brown.

Silver Spotted Skipper

We snuck up on it–

“Which took forever.” Hickory’s tail twitches. “We are supposed to be gathering acorns, Nutmeg!”

Which we will do as soon as I finish telling this story! As I was saying, we snuck up on it, got a good look and then–

“It flew off! Now can we get back to collecting acorns?”

Hickory. You go ahead and I’ll catch up.

“Ok, but don’t take too long!” He races off, chittering.

That doesn’t sound good. I better hurry. Anyway, I discovered this mostly brown skipper was the same insect. Many butterflies, moths and skippers have different patterns on the inside of their wings, or hide portions of them when resting in different positions. I didn’t know the Silver Spotted Skipper was one of them.

And speaking of acorn collecting, we squirrels are seeing some fierce competition this fall. The short version is, we’re busy. Last year we closed down the blog for the winter, not sure if we’d start up again. We did, with reduced posts, but looks like we’ll be signing off again, perhaps soon. I’ll let you human readers know.



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