One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there!

I am giving no clues on this one, because anything I might say would give it away.

Mystery # 105

Back later for your guesses!


My tail is drooping. I got so busy with Nutmeg gathering acorns, I forgot to give you human readers your mystery answer.

We had no guesses and this is a tough one, unless you have been seeing the webbing on the tips of tree branches. This particular web survived a rainstorm, which created the great pattern on it.

Fall webworm webbing on tips of branches

These webs are the homes of a furry little caterpillar commonly known as Fall Webworm. They grow into a moth with only a scientific name, Hyphantria cunea, a plain while one. The caterpillar is much better known because of the large webs.

Fall Webworm

They don’t hurt the trees, because in the fall, the tree is shutting down anyway. It’s just they grow so large, and get so dirty with caterpillar grass, that they aren’t pretty. We squirrels stay clear of them!


Drop us a nut to find!

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