Thirsty Thursday

To this old squirrel, dragonflies around the ponds are dragonflies. But for The Squirrel Nutwork, Nutmeg insisted I do a bit of looking into this huge one at the pond near us.

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

The big ones are called skimmers, or perchers. Turns out this one is fairly easy to identify. You count the spots. If you count the dark ones, it’s a Twelve Spot. If you count the white ones, it’s a Ten Spot.

But the white spots don’t appear until the dragonfly matures, but the black ones are, so this dragonfly more commonly goes by the name Twelve-spotted Skimmer.

Regardless of the names, dragonflies are pretty interesting in the scheme of ponds. They are carnivore eaters, snatching other insects, usually while on the wing.

dragonfly caught by a bird

But they are also food for other carnivores, begin snatched themselves while flying!


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