One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there!

Here’s a common  native plant, not only in the east.

Mystery #99

Do you know what it is? Give me your guesses!




Today’s mystery plant is a tricky one because it has a look-alike. The leaves of this plant, False Solomon’s Seal, Smilacina racemes, almost match those of Solomon’s Seal. The trick to telling them apart is to find them in flower, or with their berries, like this one is showing at the end of the leaves.

False Solomon's Seal

False Solomon’s Seal is also known as Solomon’s Plume, because that’s exactly what it has at the tip of the leaves, a little plume of flowers, or now, berries.

The True Solomon’s Seal flowers under the leaves, with one flower, and then one berry at head point a leaf comes out front the stem.

Here’s a great video showing the difference. We are referring you to it because we haven’t found a True Solomon Seal to photograph!

The roots of these plants have had many medicinal and livelihood uses throughout history, but because the plants are confusing, Miz Flora thought it would be best to let you human look them up yourselves! Both grow across North America in shady, moist places.

Hey, next week is the one hundredth posting of my column ‘One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve.’ Hope you join us again!


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