Thirsty Thursday

One of our readers has sharp eyesight and recently spotted these in white objects in her yard on a Reston Lake. At the risk of sounding like Hickory, do any of you folks recognize them?

Turtle eggshells

Our reader quickly identified the soft leathery shells as turtle eggs.

However, she thought the baby turtles and hatched had made their way down to the lake. Ol’ Wally had bad news. Turtle eggs usually spend the summer incubating in the warm ground and hatch in late summer or early fall. And they don’t pull the eggshells up with them as they dig through the dirt.

Turtle eggs dug up

So unfortunately, those eggs were dug up, peeled open and the innards licked clean, probably by a raccoon.

Red-bellied Turtle

However, this Reston yard seems to be a favorite, because a week later these folks spotted another turtle digging her nest hole. We think from the stripes on her face, this is a Red-bellied Turtle. So far we hear these eggs have stayed in the ground!


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