One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

Here’s a wildflower that manages to keep its roots in those corners that don’t get mowed too often.

Mystery #96

Do you recognize it?

I’ll be back later with the mystery answer!


Hmm, looks like I had a little goof with posting. Sorry for the double post today, but hope some of you found the mystery.

So, the flower. I wanted to call it Ox-eye Daisy, but Miz Flora corrected me. Those tiny petals, and many of them, mean this flower is an aster, even if it does have the yellow center like the Ox-eye Daisy.

White Aster

Honestly, when Nutmeg and I brought these pictures back, we learned we hadn’t looked carefully enough. The differences between ‘Small White Aster’ and ‘Bushy Aster’ and ‘Upland White Aster’ are tiny!

Put it this way, folks:I learned a lesson. If you really want to know the difference in aster flowers, you must have your plant in front of you and your field book open, something squirrels don’t carry around in their paws. We prefer asking our elders.



Drop us a nut to find!

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