Number News

Every now and then it’s time for some blogging statistics.

Eastern Gray Squirrel peeking

We squirrels at The Squirrel Nutwork are kind of amazed people find our humble blog–

“Hey! Its time to chitter from the treetops! People do find us!” Hickory swishes his tail at me.

They do. We are into our third year of blogging and now have just over 150 followers.

“But more people see us than that, every day.”

They do. But they may not be looking at what we post that day. Paws down, our most popular post is “Five Leaf Vine”. You humans have clicked on it so many times, it’s at the top of the Google search when humans type in things like:

5 leaf vine, five leaf plants, 5 leaf vines, poison ivy, 5 leaf is this the dangerous kind?

Our photos are in the images as well, like this one:

Virginia Creeper

We think that’s so cool!

You may have noticed the little rectangle with a sun on it in our sidebar.

Nature Blog Network

This shows we belong to the Nature Blog Network. When we started blogging, we wanted to promote nature, which after all supports us. You humans, too. This is a group of like-minded bloggers. We registered under ‘Backyard Blogs’ and if you click that button, you can go search other backyard blogs like ours. We’re proud to say that since April, and the Blogging A to Z Challenge, The Squirrel Nutwork has been in and hovering near, the top ten listed backyard blogs, and within the top 100 of all blogs.

It kind of feels like we have met our goal of reaching you humans and letting you know how special and important little pieces of nature are to us, and hopefully to you, too.

Thank you to our regular readers and many visitors !


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