Motionless Monday

Hey there,

Here’s a fun little guy!

ant statue

Have a great week!


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve


I haven’t forgotten your mystery this week, but it did almost get away from me.

Mystery #95

Do you know what this animal is? Send me a note in the comments. See you later with the answer!


No guesses, but I suspect this one was too easy! Yellow, or at least pale stripes running the length of a snake always means a Garter Snake.

Garter Snake

Garter Snakes live all over North America–because they will eat pretty much any animal small enough to catch. No matter where they are found, Garter Snakes vary in color from tan to brown, from light green to dark. They will be semi-aquatic if there is water nearby, so that means they are found close to water more in the east than in the west. We’re willing to bet one lives near you!

Milkweed is in Bloom!

Milkweed is one of Miz Flora’s favorite summer flowers. We weren’t sure why, because squirrels can’t eat it, but when she cajoled Hickory and I into a ‘run’ with her we had time to dawdle. These flowers are absolutely covered with bugs!

Common Milkweed flower

I did a bit of my research and learned you humans have found 457 different kinds of insects visit the Common Milkweed. Some are feeding on the flowers, the leaves, the stems and the roots. But some are just visiting, like we sit in trees that don’t have acorns.


Thirsty Thursday

Time for a cool drink.

shady bird bath

Our thanks go out to you humans for helping wildlife out during the hot summer days!


Unexpected Company

Hickory is twitching his tail over this visitor.

Eastern Chipmunk

“He’s in my tree!”

“There are plenty of wild cherries. We can share,” I told him. “You had your fill this morning, or so you told me.”

“I–I–I…it’s my favorite deck.”

“But? Come on now, what does Miz Flora always tell us?”

His tail drooped. “Sharing is the only way we wild critters can survive in the suburbs.” Then he let out a string of chittering. “But it’s so hard!”


Motionless Monday

Hey there!

Seems this squirrel and an unintended day off yesterday. Well, not actually… I queued up the mystery, but forgot to hit that final button–schedule. Sorry folks! We’ll get back to our nature mysteries next week.

For today, I’ve found a happily singing bird to keep you company!

Bird wildlife statue



Thirsty Thursday

This old squirrel is beginning to feel the summer heat. Ol’ Wally has taken to spending the middle of his days hidden deep in the shade. All the mammals do that in the summer months, even the pond critters!

frog 2

Here’s a guy who’s finding cover under the smallest of leaves.



Results of Rain


Warm rains seem to bring out the mushrooms! Those underground root-like filaments wait until the damp conditions are right for sending up their ‘flower’.

Mushroom with a bite out of it

Which is fine. We enjoy a treat.  (But don’t you humans go trying these; we have different stomachs than you!)


Oops, oops, oops!

That hawk we posted on Sunday’s Mystery was a Cooper’s Hawk! Our reader misidentified it, and no squirrel sticks around long enough to look a hawk in the eye and get his species! So we hope you forgive us!

Cooper's Hawk

Here’s another photo of the same hawk in the shop, that we understand lets you humans see all the markings better.


Motionless Monday

Hey There!

We’re going to new heights to show you something different in wildlife statues here on The Squirrel Nutwork!

Eagle weather vane

We like seeing wildlife in all kinds of places.