One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there,

We have a summer visitor in the neighborhood. Do you recognize him?

Mystery # 91

Make a guess in our comments!


Hard to tell from the back, huh? Well how about a more face-on photo?

male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

The name is the description of this bird: Rose-breasted Grosbeak. This is the male with the showy colors. These grosbeaks migrate into northern Virginia to nest every summer, then head south in the winter. We don’t see as many of them as we used to, Miz Flora says, so Nutmeg did a little research and learned the pretty colors attract humans to catching them and selling them in their winter range in South America. Sad. For the bird and its mate, because those scientists think they stay together.

We enjoy listening to their pretty songs. You may have heard it and not realized it, so check out the All About Birds Website to have a listen.


Drop us a nut to find!

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