Nest Building

Sorry, I didn’t make a post earlier in the week. I was busy with adding layers to my leaf nest, trying to keep it cooler. But my housekeeping reminded me of an interesting find Hickory and I ran across about a month ago.

American Crow Nest

We were high up, feeding on new leaves and saw this jumble of sticks. We both froze. Seconds later the black tail feathers popped up over the edge, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a crow. While crows might chase us and caw, they don’t really go after squirrels with an eye for a meal. Not like a hawk would. Still, we scooted out of their pretty quick. No point asking for trouble.



6 thoughts on “Nest Building

  1. When I put any human crunchies like crackers or bread out back for whoever, I’ve noticed the hierarchy between squirrels and crows. There are always squirrels around out back, and crows only come around if there are some tasty morsels. Squirrels rule, cos the crows will fly away of a squirrel announces that that spot is his territory. Even if the count is one squirrel and several crows, the squirrels are in charge.

    • Hey crunches! Nutmeg didn’t mention you put out crunches! That’s my favorite kind of deck food!
      Thanks for helping out our fellow squirrels, Sarsinart!

  2. The fox squirrel in my yard is definitely the top of the heap when it comes to the bird feeder. I am happy to help her out because I think she might be a mother soon. Thanks for the followup on the bird egg. Blue speckled eggs are tough to id.

    • Debra, Thank you for helping out one of our squirrel cousins! What part of the country are you in? We would guess the east, but Fox Squirrels live out in Kansas and there are even some in California!

      • I am in Austin, Texas. Fox squirrels are the most abundant type locally but this year for the first time I saw a grey squirrel on our lot. I am happy to feed the squirrels. They are an absolute delight and I am so excited about the possibility of seeing little squirrels jumping around. I really don’t understand the antipathy birders feel toward them. I say: mammals first! haha

      • Hey, that’s great you are getting some diversity in squirrel species. The more the merrier we say here at the Nutwork! Around our part of Virginia, it’s only us Eastern Grey Squirrels, but one of our Field Correspondents is from the Eastern Shore, Lob, the Delmarva Fox Squirrel. We think that’s the closest fox squirrels are to us.

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