Thirsty Thursday

Howdy from Colorado!Coney the Pine Squirrel

I’m Coney the Pine Squirrel, The Squirrel Nutwork’s Colorado Field Correspondent.

Ol’ Wally has let me use his water column once again to update you on the creek rebuilding progress in my hometown of Jamestown, Colorado. Nutmeg tells me we have new readers, so you may not know I survived a flood back in September. It was pretty scary. Read my previous posts here. The humans here are worried the ground moved so much then that it won’t stay in place this spring when all the snow starts to melt above us.

Considering we got another round of snow this week–higher than my leaps, yikes–they might be right. I surprised Nutmeg with my photos! She says back in Virginia, they never get snow in May. Ha. It’s springtime in the Rockies!

But back to my post. I have my nest in a Ponderosa way up a ridge, so I’m not so worried. Though it is a lot of water already after some warm days the last few weeks. Here’s my view of the new waterfalls they put into the creek so the water is slowed as it flows through.

drops from high

If I run down to another part of the creek, rocks have been placed in the middle, though too far for a squirrel to use to jump across.

Rocks in creek

Really, the more I scamper around to check different places to send Nutmeg in my report, the more I realize just how much these humans have done to make the creek banks sturdier, direct the water away from houses and keep the land from washing downstream again. Everywhere along and in the creek there is rock, most of it hauled in on loud trucks.

Rock-armored creek 2

But I think a little noise has been worth it to keep the creek in its stream bed. Maybe I can report again when the weather warms up and we see more than a touch of green. Thank you again, Nutmeg and Hickory and Ol’ Wally for letting a Field Correspondent report about somewhere else squirrels live on your fabulous blog.


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